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A little wining and dining (as opposed to whining and scratching around the pantry for something to cook), a little luxury with a couple massage (rather than vegetating on the couch), a little relaxation doing nothing but sitting and looking at the view (instead of looking around at all the housework to be done).

No blaring music. No arguing kids. No ringing phones. No crazy dog.

A lifetime ago, Clear Mountain lookout, where the lodge now stands, was the place to head for a country drive on a Sunday afternoon from the north side of Brisbane.

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The lack of traffic meant the area was an ideal road cycling track, and my husband has fond memories as a 16 year old of his state title winning team weekend races to Clear Mountain Road before flying back down the hill to the finish line at Brendale.

It used to be “out in the sticks” at a time when suburban Zillmere still had market gardens and hobby farms,buy cialis Ireland  and when Bill Bowden was spruiking Strathpine as the new “little Aspley” with blocks for sale at a few thousand dollars.

So after a brief catch up with family, we are revisiting those memories, taking the route through Aspley and Bridgeman Downs, out to Eatons Crossing and up to Clear Mountain.

Five minutes by car from Albany Creek, we hit the turnoff on a majestic spring afternoon.

After 6km of bitumen road winding past Clear Mountain Conservation Park with glimpses of North Pine Dam on the right, country estate mansions and the valley to our left, we find ourselves at our summit of serenity.

The moment I emerge from the car at the reception, it hits me: the golden silence of the bush, broken only by birdsong.

Even with a wedding taking place in the vineyard grounds and conferences in the function rooms, we can hear no other guests.

Soon settled into our Superior Room on the second floor, we step out on the veranda to breathe in the fresh air,buycialisireland  feel the light breeze and take in the panoramic view of the massive North Pine Dam and valley reaching out to the Glasshouse Mountains.

Nothing but green and blue. On a clear day, you can see forever truly.

We have just enough time before our Stephanie Mountain Spa treatment for a “nana nap” on the two queen size “floating clouds” we want to take home to replace our saggy excuse for a bed.

So, now that we are almost human again, we take the scenic route to the spa entrance around the resort verandas which boast vistas of the greater Brisbane area as well as Mt Coot tha, the city skyline and Moreton Bay, and via some of the 20ha of native gardens and bushland.

The spa Tranquility Lounge welcomes us with a cool Berry Boost Fruit Infusion and hot organic ginger chai before we strip off our white robes and slippers in the couple suite and surrender our stresses at the hands of therapists Elissa and Tess.

Fists, thumbs, elbows, fingers, forearms their arsenal of massage weapons pulls, tugs, pummels, smoothes, buycialisireland rubs and manipulates us in a war on tight and weary muscles.

The highlight is when I roll on to my back and Elissa manoeuvres the massage table to elevate my neck and lower my knees, allowing her to almost reach in through the skin barrier and pull out the tension in my shoulders and back.

As a final hurrah, the warm eye compresses are stripped back to reveal the twinkling fairylights of Brisbane at night through the suite white window shutters.

We dress for our 8pm dinner and take cool drinks in a comfortable lounge setting in front of the unlit fireplace.

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Mandy on the Mountain restaurant delights us over the next two hours with entrees of red claw yabby (with buttered baby cos, rose petals, samphire and lobster sauce) and grilled scallops (with sweet onion tart tatin, Meredith goats feta, rocket and roast capsicum), followed by a rare melt in the mouth Kilcoy 250g sirloin (crushed kipfler potatoes, buy cialis Ireland confit shallots, herb salad from the chef garden and jus) and crispy skin snapper (with potato crisps, watercress, peas and broad beans), ending triumphantly in a shared Irish Bailey brulee with cherries, chambord syrup and raspberries.

In less than 24 hours, we achieve the state of being suggested at the top of our welcome letter: “Rest. Relax. Enjoy.”

We wake to a glorious morning and are still feeling on top of the world, despite coming back down to earth for the trip home to the Coast.

We arrive home, still refreshed and rejuvenated, and with smiles on our faces until we see the sink full of dirty plates, dog hair throughout the white tiled floors and the television talking to itself.

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